Salzburger Sportwelt

  • Client

    Salzburger Sportwelt (Bloghuette)

  • Camera

    Wouter Oudemans

  • Edit

    Wouter Oudemans

  • Snowbike

    Harald Brenter

  • Model Flachauwinkl + Kleinarl

    Julia Häusler


During the winterseason 2019-2020 I shot multiple video clips for the Salzburger Sportwelt. I shot a single video per ski region who is part this organisaition.

The purpose of these videos was to generate professional social media content. We tried to shoot a variary of winter sports like snowbike and nordic. 

A great thank you to:

Snowspace Salzburg
Kleinarl/ Flachauwinkl
Altenmarkt/ Radstadt
Eben im Pongau 

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