• First Shooter

    Wouter Oudemans

  • Second Shooter

    Jos Geerts

  • Wedding Planner

    Corsini Events Group

  • Location

    Villa Le Corti

  • Photography

    Federice A Cutuli

  • Flowers

    Simone Bertini


A proper Tuscany destination wedding was something that was on top of my list. William and Tina had their wedding perfectly organised and amazed all of their friends and family with the Tuscan beauty.

On Thursday we had a little pre-shoot in the city centre of Florence. It was a great way to get to know each other but foremost it was a fun shoot. William and Tina had a romantic dance on the Piazza of Santa Maria Novella. A few bystanders enjoyed this little moment between these newlyweds. After the shoot we had a couple of drinks at this hidden place with the one of the best views over the city.

Friday was an amazing day where Jos and I where able to shoot all the B-roll of this film. We had until later that day to shoot the life of Florence as it is. We shot at Piazza del Duomo, Piazza della Signoria, Piazza della Repubblica and many more incredible places.The atmosphere in the city of Florence is very relaxed. Even though its very busy, I mean very very busy, it feels small and chilled. When Jos and I were shooting the B-roll footage we needed for this film we tried to look at life as a passed in time. Normal life of the locals mixed with the tourist rush. We believe that we captured this city as it truly is.

The get together was planned on Friday evening at the Palazzo Strozzi. This location is just impressive because of the beautiful architecture. This in house bar was a perfect location for William and Tina to welcome all their friends and family.

St. James Church was the first location on Saturday not knowing that the most amazing location was still to come. A brief history lesson about the renaissance was held during the service and made clear the Florence was a very important place during this time in history. It made everything just that bit extra special for me.

After the service we met at the Villa le Corti in the middle of a Tuscany Winery. The sunset was indescribable. The warm tones flowing over this incredible landscape is something that I have never seen before. It set the perfekt backdrop for the couple shoot. Working side by side with the highly talented photographers of Federico a Cutuli was great. This award winning photographer made these fantastic photos. It was our first time to have a wedding with proper speeches. These speeches are the leading line is this video. They tell the story between William and Tina in a personal way. This wedding ended with a big party and excited guests how showed some exceptional dance moves.

This wedding has been incredible to film. The scenery, the love, the joy and friendship made this story as it is.

Thank you for having us!

Wouter and Jos


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